About us

Peking Ultras was formed in 1999 and the inspiration came from the living culture of supporters in southern Europe and South America. We introduced ourselves perhaps most importantly, at home against Hammarby IF in the same year when we were with and delivered a huge pyrotechnic arrangement in the form of 70 Bengals along the East terrace.
The business started by flags were sewn and painted, custom souvenirs purchased and tifo choreography manufactured with PTG. In the stands was our first location, on the one riding time, on the east grandstand. Nowadays you can find us just under the Capo, on the North terrace.

The bulldog is our symbol. It symbolizes an important part in the ultra-culture, loyalty. We are first and foremost loyal to the club IFK Norrköping and against each other within the group. It prevents us not from the protest against things we find inappropriate or reckless in the club, supporters' ranks, or the Swedish football. The protests manifested in message banners, flyers and strikes.
Peking Ultras have no board or similar, but all decisions are made jointly. This is something we are careful to preserve, as this gives each individual more freedom, but also more responsibility.

We have a unique friendship with the Ultras of IF Elfsborg, Yellow Fanatics. We often go to each other and support each other both on and off the terrace. A friendship that we had for 10 years!

We have a very critical view of how Swedish football is run and is particularly critical of the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) and the Swedish Elite Soccer (SEF). Ban will not get anywhere with this dialogue is something we advocate, in relation both to federal and club. Several of our members are active in the Swedish Football Supporters Union and participates actively in meetings and conferences.
As SvFF and SEF manages Swedish football today, the Swedish football never to advance. The thirst for profit and the equity interest that exists with regard to television companies and sponsors are inhibitory. Football should be for everyone, regardless of wallet ...
Ultras forever!!